This course is intended to provide aids to navigation managers and other interested parties with the theoretical and practical training necessary to have a satisfactory understanding of the three IALA risk management tools; IALA Waterway Risk Assessment Program (IWRAP Mk2); Port and Waterway Safety Assessment tool (PAWSA) and simulation.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will have acquired sufficient knowledge and skill to use IWRAP Mk2 within their organisations; organise a PAWSA workshop and recognise the use to which simulation techniques can be put in risk management and effective AtoN waterway design.

Risk Management for Marine Aids to Navigation in the context of IALA Recommendation R1002

It is based on IALA Model Course - L1.3 - Aids to Navigation Manager Training Level 1 - Use of the IALA Risk Management Tools.

Participants will benefit from both theoretical and practical training delivered by world experts in different aspects of the toolbox.